Shri Caitanya Candramrtam
by Shrila Prabodhananda Sarasvatipada


drstah sprstah kirtitah samsmrto va
durasthairapyanato vadrito va
premnah saram datumiso ya ekah
sri caitanyam naumi devam dayalum

I sing panegyrics to the most mercyful Lord Shri Krishna-Caitanya, who alone is able to reward one with the essence of all spiritual loving exchanges (prema), even to those who see, touch or glorify Him only once, or who simply remember Him, offer obeisance or think of Him affectionately from a remote distance.

Commentary by Shri Anandi

The Supreme Lord Shri GauraCandra is eulogized in this verse as the crest jewel amongst munificent personalities, because He so readily bestows the most rare, spiritual gem, Bhagavat-Prema (Love of God), even to one who has simply seen Him.

Factually, He alone is the only worthy object of one's vision - this is implied in the word drstah. The import is, that if He simply becomes the object of one's vision, then He can easily reward one with prema, including such spiritual sentiments as sneha (affectionate attachment) and the like - hence, we offer our choicest hymns in His praise.

'What are His characteristics?'
He is devam - the Supreme Person, whose DivinePlay (lila) is to savour the taste of prema unto Himself.

'We accept that He is capable of dispensing prema, but why does He so easily distribute that which is so extremely confidential?'
He is dayalum - infinitely merciful;
- although it is very difficult for anyone to touch Him, He Himself comes forward and forcibly embraces anyone and everyone. This is His compassion.

Kirtitah - chanting the names of Shri GauraHari:

- "O Sacinandan (son of Mother Saci), O Krishna-Caitanya, O unlimited Ozean of Compassion. O Supreme Awarder of prema to the most wretched, O Ozean of Mercy, O Friend of the fallen, O Golden Incarnation..."

Kirtitah also indicates that we should make Him the object of our meditation, remembering His exquisite beauty and charm, especially for those who cannot see Him directly. Or, if someone affectionately considers in his heart (adrto va) that Shri Krishna-Caitanya is the Supreme Personality and thus must be honoured and shown respect - then Shri Gauracandra is ready to bestow that most rare, spiritual gem (prema) to such a person.
The word va has been conjugated with a passive case-ending, implying the other devotional limbs like hearing, remembering, etc.

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