Initiation into Gaura-Nityananda-nama

On an auspicious day Syamananda prabhu initiated Rasika into the Radha-Krishna mantra and Shri Rasik Deva began a festival of nama­sankirtan in his home. He invited all of his friends as well as the tenants of his estates and everyone was so attracted by the teachings of Shri Gaura Nityananda, as expounded by Syamananda prabhu, that they immediately wanted to take shelter at his lotus feet. Thus many people of Rohini became disciples of Syamananda prabhu.

There lived a very well known yogi in Rohini by the name Damodara. One day he came to have darsana of Syamananda prabhu. He became captivated. Even from a distance he saw a brilliant effulgence emanating from his body. Coming closer he offered salutations at the Acarya's lotus feet. Syamananda in turn offered his greetings. With tears in his eyes, Shyamananda requested the yogi, "In your purified state you should always chant the holy names of Shri Gaura-Nityananda. They are extremely merciful, and they will bestow upon you love of Krishna."

Hearing these statements of the Acarya, the yogi Damodara's mind became softened in love, and he replied, "I will worship the lotus feet of Gaura Nityananda. Please be merciful to me." And so the Acarya blessed him. Thus the yogi became a great devotee and continuously sang the glories of Gaura-Nityananda with tears in his eyes.



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